Xiaomi to tripple its presence in Europe

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The Chinese smartphone maker is set to increase its presence across Europe. Amid tensions between the US and China, currently various Chinese companies are turning to make a big presence in the European market. Whenever, Huawei’s announcement, Xiaomi has moreover announced to open new stores in the European sub-continent. The new market is already blooming with Chinese products. Presently from Xiaomi’s vice president, Wang Xiang, it has said that the company wants to triple its presence in Europe.

Xiaomi to tripple its presence in Europe
When conquering the phone markets of few developing nations like India, Indonesia and some other countries, currently the Chinese brand is moving towards the west. It will help the company to deliver the brands’ presence at the ground level across the whole European continent. Presently, Xiaomi owns near about open 50 stores in Europe but now it targets to increase it by 3x to 150. It is a Fantastic step to elevate the confidence for the brand among the local customers. General, it will increase the brand’s popularity in Europe.

Xiaomi is famous for its affordability across mid-level and entry-level products. Currently, they are plunging towards high-end markets, and Europe is the suitable market as far as the spending power is considered.

Every year with the new gadgets, Xiaomi is expanding its plans for different new markets. They tend to enter every massive market throughout the world, however the road to the US appears jarring instantly presently. Because of to stiff between US-China trade relations, many Chinese firms are reeling from losses and stiff conditions to operate. Even Xiaomi is struggling to make a mark on the US soil because of to unlikely conditions.

Additionally, Xiaomi has reported various new high-end devices at MWC 2019. Mainly, they released Mi 9 with Sd 855 with the triple rear image sensor module. Xiaomi is investing heavily on the smartphone’s digital cameras since the past couple of several years. It carries the world’s first 20W wireless charging pad which follows Fast Charge and Qi Wireless protocols. Further, they revealed the 5G fueled version of Xiaomi Mi Mix 3 with the sliding design.

Yesterday, in an overwhelming response Xiaomi Mi 9 went out of stock in just 53 seconds during its first flash sale in China. Soon it will be made out there across alternative markets such as India and Europe.


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