Xiaomi Mi 9 spotted!

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Xiaomi Mi 9 spotted!

The Mi 9 has been gossiped to launch this month. The phone is coming to arrive with a bunch of fresh options which include a faster fast charging technology. Today, live images of the smartphone have surfaced online to give us an early watch at the upcoming Xiaomi flagship.

The photos were shared on Weibo by Wang Teng Thomas however he later deleted them. Thankfully, someone was capable to save them before he took them down. The shots indicated just the back of the phone however we could yet make out key details.

There have been rumors that the Mi 9 will arrive with 3 rear cameras and the picture confirms that even though only two sensors are visible. The cameras are arranged vertically just like these of the Mi 8. However, the LED flash presently sits outdoor the setup rather of between the sensors.

The Mi 9 doesn’t have a rear-mounted fingerprint sensor which means it should come with an in-screen fingerprint digital camera such as the Mi 8 Explorer Edition and the Mi 8 Pro. We expect it to be the new in-screen fingerprint digital camera technology what has a bigger scanning area what they showcased last month.

The rear of the phone is covered in glass which we believe to be Gorilla Glass 5 like its predecessor or Gorilla Glass 6. The Mi 9 has a reflective finish and this variant is blue.

The Mi 9 will arrive with a Snapdragon 855 cpu and be available in multiple configurations. Xiaomi’s president presently confirmed that we will obtain an Explorer Edition that need to arrive with additional options not found on the regular version other than a transparent back.

One of the attributes we hope Xiaomi brings to the Mi 9 is wireless charging. At the moment, only the Mi MIX 2s and the Mi MIX 3 support wireless charging.

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