Xiaomi launches the retro-styled Elvis Presley radio with HiFi sound quality

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Xiaomi launches the retro-styled Elvis Presley radio with HiFi sound quality

Around August last year, Xiaomi had introduced the portable Elvis Presley Atomic Player B612 Bluetooth speaker with a design such as a miniature LP player. The device was well received perhaps, because of its portable design, powerful output and perhaps the attachment to Elvis Presley. Far more than 3 decades after his death, Elvis Presley is as outstanding in Asia as ever, with fan clubs all over the region – in the Philippines, Japan, South Korea, India, Singapore and Hong Kong. Elvis moreover has a big fan base in other continents, a factor that may perhaps have spurred the technology giant to release a second product branded when the iconic US musician. The gadget is a smart radio and it comes with a retro design what seems like the radios in use during the 1960s.

The design is a classic one what takes us down memory lane. It even uses manual tuning and volume control knobs rather of buttons. It comes with an elegant moon rock white color which is coated in 3 layers just such as car paints. This gives it a delicate feel and it doesn’t retain fingerprints has. The body is equipped with a chrome-plated dual-purpose metallic handle what can be folded over the backside for use as a stand. Thus, it could be placed at home or carried about. The output of the speaker is Furthermore an additional deal breaker. The 52mm large-diameter NdFeB full-range speaker guarantees sound quality. The sound is of HiFi good quality, leading a real surround sound performance.

Sadly there are with no Plenty details about this gadget. Availability is In addition not unveiled but it arrives with an budget value tag of 499 yuan ($73).

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