Xiaomi Black Shark 2 vs Vivo iQOO vs Nubia Red Magic Mars

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We love how most of the gaming smartphones come with flagship-class hardware and the fastest gaming performance at a quite budget value. For guys with a small budget seeking the suitable performance in terms of speed, frame rate, and reactivity, they are the among most alternatives. Xiaomi Black Shark 2 is the most recent gaming phone out there and it comes with one of the most incredibile hardware departments you can ever expect on a mobile phone. In this post, we in comparison it with the suitable gaming phones from another phones manufacturers what are sold in the similar price tag range: the recent Vivo iQOO and the Nubia Red Magic Mars which recently hitten even the European market.


Xiaomi Black Shark 2 vs Vivo iQOO vs Nubia Red Magic Mars

Usually, phones dedicated to gamers In addition arrive with a gaming-centric design that consists of aggressive strains and a unique watch. Sadly, that is the farthest thing from an elegant design. That is why I would choose the Vivo iQOO from this trio: Below, it is the only gaming-centric smartphone to come with an elegant and flagship-like design. It has a splendid and clean glass back with gradient colors, as nicely as a display with a very high screen-to-body ratio, a low waterdrop notch, and an in-display fingerprint reader. But if you are a gaming-addicted and you prefer a gaming-centric design, Nubia Red Magic Mars could impress you with its RGB LED strip on the rear side and that is the exact same with the RGB LEDs found on the Black Shark 2.


On the paper, Xiaomi Black Shark 2 has the most convincing panel as well as the most suitable one for gaming. It is an AMOLED display with 100 percent of DCI-P3 coverage, the fastest response time ever seen on a cameraphone panel, and brilliant color reproduction. The not so narrow bezels about the panel need to help to make a solid grip making it far more perfect for long gaming sessions. On the additional hand, some could find the Nubia Red Magic Mars far more comfortable due to its shorter and larger 18:9 aspect ratio.

Xiaomi Black Shark 2 vs Vivo iQOO vs Nubia Red Magic Mars: Specification Comparison

Xiaomi Black Shark 2 vs Vivo iQOO vs Nubia Red Magic Mars

Nubia Red Magic Mars loses the hardware comparison due to a lower-end chipset and fewer incredibile memory configurations. It will be a hard fight between Xiaomi Black Shark and Vivo iQOO: they both come with the perfect Qualcomm’s chipset for 2019. We are talking about the Snapdragon 855, paired with up to 12 GB of RAM, something insane! Xiaomi Black Shark 2 has a pretty efficient liquid cooling system and its panel will In addition make a fairly low latency thanks to the 43,5 ms response rate, although Vivo iQOO arrives with a number of technologies which improve gaming performance, connection reliability and cooling.

Digital camera

It could seem odd for a gaming phone, however Xiaomi Black Shark 2 even arrives with an impressive digital camera department, so it wins the digital camera comparison. It has an awesome dual camera with a 48 MP base camera and a secondary telephoto lens with 2x optical zoom. It can record video in 4K resolution and it even has a very good 20 MP selfie camera. The second place in the ranking goes to the Vivo iQOO with its dual digital camera which include an ultrawide lens.


All of those products come with a big battery, but the one of the Red Magic Mars is somewhat compact. Because of to their higher ability, their efficient areas and their AMOLED displays, Xiaomi Black Shark 2 and Vivo iQOO need to Supply a longer battery life and they need to last far more or much less the exactly in numerous outlines, however software optimization (that we have to test) will play an important role in regards to the battery life. I would go for the Vivo iQOO for its faster charging technology: it can reach 50% in just 15 mins and 100% in just 45 mins!

Price tag

Xiaomi Black Shark 2’s starting price tag is €450, although Vivo iQOO and Nubia Red Magic Mars price about €400 and €420, respectively. At the close of the working day, Xiaomi Black Shark 2 looks the most impressive device because of to its much better cameras, stereo speakers and popular hardware department, even though some may prefer the Vivo iQOO because of to its much more elegant design.

Xiaomi Black Shark 2 vs Vivo iQOO vs Nubia Red Magic Mars: PROs and CONS

Nubia Red Magic Mars


Physical navigation keys on the back
RGB lighting
Low-cost price
Wide availability


Compact battery

Xiaomi Black Shark 2


Good screen
Very good hardware
Huge battery
Stereo speakers
RGB LED lighting


Nothing particular

Vivo iQOO


Best (but not so gaming-centric) design
Great hardware + cooling system
Huge battery and Really quick charging
Beneficial price


Limited availability

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