XiaoAI Speaker Limited Edition Revealed, Only 500 units In the world

March 21st, 2019   Mobi Mart.it   news Tags: ,

Smart assistants have made our life really handy. You could actually speak to them to get anything done. Today, it’s the second birthday for XiaoAI, the smart assistant from Xiaomi. In order to celebrate its birthday, the manufacturer has launched XiaoAI Speaker limited edition model. Each unit comes with a unique number. Nicely, you can’t seriously get one as each of the 500 units will be given away as a gift.

XiaoAI Speaker Limited Edition

XiaoAI is represented by a girl in red hair, who seems to be a bit like Ayanami Rei, the heroine of EVA. The XiaoAI Speaker limited edition consists of a speaker and a XiaoAI garage kit with colors. There isn’t much reports about the XiaoAI Speaker limited edition model. However it most likely must have some visual changes to commemorate its second birthday.

Xiaomi XiaoAI Speaker is an awesome speaker, which not only plays music but Additionally controls smart gadgets in your home, this kind of as cleaning robot, air conditioner, television and so on via Xiaomi Mijia.

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