TSMC factory’s defective chemical affects Nvidia and Huawei Kirin chips production

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TSMC factory’s defective chemical affects Nvidia and Huawei Kirin chips production

Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co. production has stopped thanks to some defective chemical. TSMC is the manufacturer of various chipsets which are typically used on iOS and Android devices. It is a production house for alternative chipset makers this sort of as Huawei, Apple, Qualcomm, Nvidia, and MediaTek.

Presently it incorporates the second production problem in the last six months halting the chipset development process. TSMC is suffering from weak demand thanks to the global slowdown in phone sales. Notably, the company expressed concerns higher than the low profits of Apple iPhone and other premium smartphones. It even cited the present US-China trade war as a primary culprit behind the weak income. This newest glitch will create a troublesome environment for TSMC to process orders timely.

As claimed by to our sources, TSMC production problem is linked to few defective chemical shipment which is used in the manufacturing of wafer yield in chipsets. A photoresist chemical which is crucial in the chipset development has disrupted the manufacturing process.

Majorly the production at Fab 14B site in Southern Taiwan has been affected because of to the bad chemical. Huawei’s chipset arm HiSilicon are among the customers who will now face some production problems. Nvidia is also going to face some production hurdles whenever recent TSMC factory glitch. In an official declaration, the manufacturer said that they are investigating the cause of the problem and responding to consumers.

Last year, TSMC encountered a exact same situation when a computer virus made them stop production for three days in August. At the time, Apple’s advanced chips production was hindered due to an unforeseen situation. Presently, we are not completely Certain whether the recent production problem! at TSMC will affect Huawei’s next smartphones or not.

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