TCL developing five foldable products

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Samsung, Huawei, and Nubia are set to announce foldable products above the upcoming couple of days. LG says it is sitting it out for now and Xiaomi has appeared off a prototype. A report says China’s TCL is moreover joining the party with not one but five foldable devices.

TCL is known as the licensee for BlackBerry and Alcatel brands. It owns the Palm brand too but has licensed it to an additional manufacturer what made the Palm smartphone released back in November. A report by CNET says the manufacturer has joined the foldable train and is developing two foldable cameraphones, two foldable tablets, and a fifth foldable device that wraps about your wrist like a large bracelet.

TCL developing five foldable products

As claimed by to patents and renderings, one of the tablets folds inwards whereas an additional folds outwards. The exact same applies to the smartphones too but are said to bend on the horizontal line like a flip cameraphone. The fifth device, which sounds extra exciting, could wrap around the wrist. CNET says a TCL executive told them back at CES 2019 that their first foldable cameraphone will release in 2020.

TCL developing five foldable products

Don’t get too excited. There is a possibility that the design of these gadgets could difference or any one of them could be scrapped and not see the light of day. Regardless, it is good-looking to view extra players are intrigued in making foldable products even though they might not become mainstream for a number of extra years.

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