Samsung Galaxy S10 series to function wireless reverse charging

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Samsung Galaxy S10 series to function wireless reverse charging
After the Huawei Mate 20 Pro debuted back in October last year, a Quite interesting feature was launched for the first time in handsets. We are talking about the wireless rever charging system, that would allow users to put another cameraphone, what supports wireless charging, on the back of the Mate 20 Pro, part of the battery’s power on the Huawei’s handset would start to be wirelessly transferred to the other phone. Whereas the feature appears to be Quite interesting, it yet needs to mature in order to be properly used, after all, tests accomplished by the guys at Smartphone Arena show that the cameraphone was able to transfer only 1% every 10 minutes to a Galaxy Note 9.

Samsung Galaxy S10 series to function wireless reverse charging

Apparently, the very similar function unveiled by Huawei will be packed into the Galaxy S10 line. A image on the Samsung Members Community site proves buttons on a controller that visitors to Samsung demo booth will press in order to view few videos related to the next Galaxy S10 trio. Pushing the button on top plays an introductory video about the next smartphone. The second button displays off handset’s cinematic display, although the third plays a video teasing the in-screen ultra-sonic fingerprint digital camera. The fourth button starts a video focused on the triple-camera setup, while the fifth and final button showcases a video related to the handset’s wireless reverse charging feature.

Samsung determined to call the new feature Powershare, and it is not expected to be any faster than Huawei’s solution with the Mate 20 Pro. As result, its usefulness is questionable at the moment, however still, is cool to look at companies experimenting fresh attributes as long those options do not compromise the usability or pose risks to the phone and users. Also there still a concern regarding the battery ability of the new Galaxy S10 devices, because this particular feature would subtract juice from the smartphone to transfer to another, a generous amount of battery must be necessary. The most recent rumors mean that the Galaxy S10E will be equipped with a 3100mAh battery, even though the Galaxy S10 will come with a 3,500mAh item, and finally 4,100mAh for the Galaxy S10 Plus variant. The Mate 20 Pro has 4,200mAh for comparison, and we believe that any volume below 4,000mAh turns the function questionable. The Galaxy S10 5G variant, in an additional hand, is said to arrive with a 5,000mAh battery.

The Wireless Reverse Charging System function on the Galaxy S10 was maybe one of the attributes teased in the Unpacked event teaser. The short video showed the image of a fully charged battery icon that could have hinted at the new phones’ capacity to charge up devices that support wireless charging. Samsung’s Unpacked event is scheduled for February 20th. However taking into consideration how intense the rumor mill is for Galaxy S10, there are chances that we will get to know all the details of the device even before its launch.


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