Qualcomm, Intel and MediaTek primary players in 5G modem chips supply

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Qualcomm, Intel and MediaTek primary players in 5G modem chips supply
As the key smartphone manufacturers are looking forward to incorporating 5G technology into their devices. Currently, to serve the demand, only 3 chipmaker companies are bringing the way to supply 5G tech solutions. Namingly Intel, MediaTek, and Qualcomm are willing to supply 5G IPs, patents and modem chips to the manufacturers.

On the other hand, manufacturers are Additionally keeping a watch and still waiting for the technologies to take mature enough before trying. Huawei, Samsung, and Apple seem reluctant of jumping into the bandwagon of 5G modem chipsets. The source claims that “Huawei, Samsung Electronics and Apple are allegedly still taking a wait-and-see attitude toward whether to jump on the bandwagon of 5G modem chipsets”.

Because of to various barriers, whether they are related to finance, marketing or development, individuals three companies will lead the path to 5G mobile communication technologies. Additionally, during the initial phase of 5G evolution, individuals companies will endeavour the growth.

In monetary terms, the new solutions are not providing any very financial advantages. As per Taiwan IC designers, the development processes are not posing any bigger economic challenges however AI chips are raising significant effect on the general spending. Even though the complications, performance improvements require an advanced Research and Development effort which needs more funds. This fund crunch is keeping the newcomers at a bay of developing the 5G modem chipsets.

“But more complicated tests, functionality improvements and yield rate adjustments for modem chips need Lots extra support, requiring chipmakers to drastically extend the scale of R&D teams.”

As far as the MediaTek is bothered, then it would leverage the high price/performance ratios to generate momentum in the growth. Even though, they are figuring out a new marketing strategy to deliver the most from the upcoming 5G wave.

Additionally, Samsung is preparing to release a 5G backed cameraphone with Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset later this year. Huawei is also making efforts to launch 5G backed smartphone this year. There’s a large amount of gossip likely on in the market related to the 5G backed phones, but nothing is confirmed as of presently.

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