Qualcomm audio-related schedules announcement for March 19

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Qualcomm took to Twitter on Wednesday to unveil it has a unique announcement scheduled for March 19. There is not a lot of info but the attached image hints at the announcement being audio-related.

Qualcomm audio-related schedules announcement for March 19

If we had to take a guess, we would say it is probably a fresh audio chipset or audio technology. Nearly a year ago, Qualcomm reported the QCC3026 audio SoC for entry-level and mid-range Bluetooth earphones.

The chipset which brings True Wireless Stereo Plus to earphones by connecting the phone to both earbuds simultaneously is found inside the OPPO O-Free Wireless Earphones. It is moreover represent inside the Mavin Air-X Earbuds.

There is a chance upcoming Tuesday’s announcement is a fresh audio SoC too that brings improvement to wireless audio.


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