Phone Market decline coming to continue 2019

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It’s been the third consecutive year because 2017 whenever we will witness a further decline in the cameraphone shipments. As per a fresh report from IDC, the phone shipments will drop by 0.8% in comparison with the last year. The smartphone shipments will dip to 1.39 billion this year. Even though, the market looks to recover in the second half of 2019 with the year-on-year growth of 2.3%. Moreover, in the approaching years, the smartphone industry will boom with a surge in smartphone volumes to 1.54 billion by 2023.

Phone Market decline coming to continue 2019

As per the report, the phone market is coming to be back on the growth path by the end of this year. 5G handsets are In addition going to cater to the growth in the upcoming few years. IDC’s vice president, Ryan Reith has said that the reason behind the coming growth is still unknown. He further added that many reasons this kind of as longer replacements cycles, competition from the Chinese market and various other reasons are the culprit behind slow growth in the past couple of several years.

“The biggest question that remains unanswered is which will bring the phone industry back to growth,” said Ryan Reith, program vice president with IDC’s Worldwide Mobile Product Trackers. “There is with no question industry growth has been down for reasons that have already been identified – longer replacement cycles, a challenged China market, and geopolitical headwinds – but it is shortsighted to overlook the possibilities of few key technology advancements that are within achieve with 5G maybe being the most significant.”

In the year 2019, the industry is expected to witness fresh advancements with the introduction of foldable devices and 5G handsets. Mainly, 5G smartphones are supposed to present 0.5 percent of the total handsets shipments among 1.395 billion cameraphone volumes. Although, at snail’s pace the 5G shipments will only grow upto 26% in 2023. In other words out of 1541 billion of total shipments 26% percent will be 5G devices. In 2023, the year-on-year growth of cameraphones will be at 1.7 percent.

This year is Very challenging for foldable gadgets. Speaking on the occasion, Sangeetika Srivastava, senior research analyst with IDC added that “Though the 5G developments and foldable display buzz is yet to have a reality Look from users, 2019 will be definitely marked as a year of modernization in the cameraphone market.”

Plenty of big manufacturers have already noted 5G handsets. Samsung has launched its Galaxy Fold with other high-end specs, while Huawei has announced the Mate X foldable cameraphone. Similarly, some Chinese cameraphone manufacturers have moreover arrive up with foldable products. These releases will surely cater 5G adoption growth in the next couple of months. Further more, numerous foldable products are pending for release by the close of this year.

Talking about 4G shipments, then it will slowly reduce to 1105 billion shipments in 2023 by -4.4% YoY growth from 1336 billion in 2019. In total, 4G market share will dip from 95.4% to 71.7% in 2023. The ageing 3G tech will shrink to 2% in 2023 from 4.1% current market share.

The stats are Very interesting if we take a Check at the growth of the cameraphone market. The new generation smartphones will be witnessing a significant growth in the upcoming number of years.

As of presently, Samsung and Apple are the huge OEMs which have witnessed a decline in the smartphone shipments. Despite the slow growth, the Chinese cameraphone manufacturers such as Xiaomi, Huawei, Vivo, Oppo are yet on the top, generating most of the sales. The more than informaton is compiled from the present out there reports by IDC.

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