OPPO it is aiming to be the initial to release a 5G cameraphone

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OPPO it is aiming to be the initial to release a 5G cameraphone
OPPO CEO Chen Mingyong recently granted an interview to Qualcomm China and during the interview, he spoke on a variety of topics centred on the company’s targets for its mobile phone business. Top on the issues discuss is the plan for the 5G+ era. The CEO disclosed that mobile smartphones will remain the core and hub of all things in the 5G era and so the manufacturer will continue to build on its mobile smartphones. He equally disclosed that one of the company’s core business will be the launch of a new smartphone with the Sd 855 mobile platform.

Chen Mingyong arrived out with a surprised when he said that OPPO will strive to be the first company to launch 5G mobile smartphones. He further disclosed that the Chinese company will further more develop AI capabilities with 5G and actively explore the application scenarios of the 5G+ era. At the same time, OPPO aims to release 5G mobile smartphones in the initial half of 2019. At present, OPPO is actively building an open IoT platform to accelerate the development of AI+IoT technology.

In April last year, OPPO noted the establishment of the OPPO Research Institute, which is conducting front-close research on the research fields of 5G, AI, image processing and new materials and fresh technologies in the three areas of software, hardware and standards. At the same time, OPPO Additionally reported that it will invest ?10 billion R&D funds in 2019 (this year), what will focus on the vision of the company in AI, 5G and other fields.

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