Lin Bin shows the Xiaomi Mi 9 will obtain an Explorer Edition

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Lin Bin shows the Xiaomi Mi 9 will obtain an Explorer Edition

After Xiaomi launched the flagship Mi 8 last year, one of the models that stood out was the limited Explorer edition with a translucent body. The popularity, perhaps, outweighed Xiaomi’s expectation so it was a surprise they made a decision to release the Mi 8 Pro with the exact same translucent body but a a lot more robust availability. Xiaomi’s president Lin Bin, Presently asked a question on Weibo about the Mi 8 Explorer edition, after extolling the translucent back feature of the model. The question was to the effect that if the smartphone (apparently referring to Mi 9) is configured the exactly, how Lots customers will be willing to pay.

The question Really much offer the manufacturer could be toying with the idea of replicating the Mi 8 Explorer’s translucent back design on the Mi 9 flagship. This isn’t a bad idea but as stated by to Lin Bin, the design is not low-cost to produce. Regardless of the pricing of the Mi 8 Explorer edition, the model was usually sold out each time it goes on sale.

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If the manufacturer Last but not least decides on an Explorer edition for the Mi 9, the change must lie only in the design. The model will utilise the same specification as the regular Mi 9. The flagship Mi 9 is expected to pack a Snapdragon 855 chipset. the device may heading feature the waterdrop notch design and triple rear cameras.

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