Kenxinda C3 formally launched

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Kenxinda, the professional feature cameraphone brand based in Shenzhen, China, looks to be on fire as the other day they reported the C1 feature phone and today, they are releasing the 2nd member of the C Series, Kenxinda C3. This too is a feature phone featuring low dimensions mixed with massive battery, simplicity and inexpensive price tag. It will come in 4 colors, Black, Gold, Red, and Blue. However let’s view the rest of the attributes.

Kenxinda C3 formally launched

Huge battery, Quad-Band, Dual SIM

Carrying a removable 2500mAh battery combined with advanced battery saving tech, the battery life of the C3 is incredible. If you’ve ever wondered how it was back in the days after Nokia feature phones flooded the market and had remarkable battery life, currently you can live it yourself. And you can use 2 SIM cards at the exact same time as it supports 2G GSM quad band which covers 850MHz, 900MHz, 1800MHz, and 1900MHz bands with dual standby function.

Feature-packed, Designed to last

Kenxinda C3 formally launched

The C3 sports a 0.08MP rear image sensor as nicely as 32MB of RAM and 32MB of internal memory (yes, MB that is). What’s a lot more, there is an FM radio in the world as effectively as Bluetooth connectivity to use with wireless headsets. Oh, and there’s an LED flashlight on top in case you find yourself in a dark place. Lastly, the Kenxinda C3 is made of durable materials and is a comfortable keypad as nicely as carefully selected speakers.

About Kenxinda

Kenxinda C3 formally launched

Founded in 2007, Kenxinda is a professional feature phone brand under the Kenxinda Group, the professional mobile terminals R&D and manufacture enterprise. When additional than 10 several years of deep cultivation in the field of function phones, Kenxinda’s product lineup presently sports mini function phones, ultra-thin function phones, power bank feature smartphones, rugged feature phones, large speaker function phones, selfie function smartphones, etc. You could learn extra on their official website.


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