HTC 5G Hub to give 5G support on 20 devices simultaneously

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Irrespective of going through a bad phase in the mobile device market, the Taiwanese company is actively working on 5G products. Week ago at MWC 2019, HTC has unveiled a fresh 5G Hub tablet product which will act as a 5G modem. The fresh 5G technology is in its initial stages of deployment, and even compatible devices have just started appearing in the market. The HTC 5G hub is the newest to join the 5G compatible devices list.

HTC 5G Hub Technical specs

HTC 5G Hub to give 5G support on 20 devices simultaneously

The HTC 5G Hub is a tablet device which carries a 5-inch screen and runs on Android. It could act as a router to give blazing fast 5G speeds to connected products. The device itself is fueled by Qualcomm Snapdragon 855 chipset coupled with X50 modem. Its modem is capable of providing download speeds of 2.3 Gbps. The Hub runs on Android 9 Pie and UI is extra built to act as a hub. As of presently, it’s unclear that it has Play Store access or not. It comes with 4GB RAM and 32GB of inner storage. There’s an ethernet port also to connect any product via it.

HTC 5G Hub to give 5G support on 20 devices simultaneously

Further, it will allow products to download movies, watch 4K videos and play online games concurrently. To keep running for longer times, the HTC 5G Hub carries a 7660 battery. It could efficiently work continuously for a working day if you’re using it at optimum levels with two-three products connected. While, it’s unclear on how a lot battery backup time it can give, as there’s with no real-world 5G network available to test it.

Moreover, the gadget can act as a charger for your smartphone too. There are multiple claims regarding the gadget from the manufacturer side. First, it will give 5G connectivity across 4G compatible devices. Secondly, the manufacturer claims that it is “at the forefront of cloud-based virtual reality (VR) tech, because “users will be capable to stream VR content from the cloud to a VIVE Focus headset via the HTC 5G Hub.”

Now, it will be in the world exclusively from Sprint stores in the United States. Further more, HTC has goals to sell it in European nations such as Germany, Switzerland, Finland and others. The telecom providers such as Telstra Three UK, Deutsche Telekom, Sunrise and Elise would be partnering with HTC to launch it in respective markets.

It will be made available by Q2 2019.


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