Fresh iPhone ‘Privacy Matters’ TV Ad, Watch It on the air

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Apple continues to make a massive deal about privacy in a world where numerous tech companies seem to need to vacuum up your data, and it’s introduced a fresh ad on its YouTube channel that further highlights this.

Fresh iPhone ‘Privacy Matters’ TV Ad, Watch It on the air

The ad In addition appeared on air last night and will continue to prove throughout the United States ahead of a worldwide launch.

The ad is 45 seconds in length and carries the tagline “privacy matters”, which is a stance Apple has been taking for several years. Throughout the ad we’re appearance situations wherever people may need their privacy protected as they go about their day-to-day lives, with Apple highlighting that guys often take privacy for granted.

However, Apple isn’t immune to having privacy issues of its own. As plenty of have pointed out, this ad comes just weeks whenever a bug saw Group FaceTime used to eavesdrop on people whenever it was found that a call recipient didn’t have to answer in order to be observed. Apple has now fixed that bug, On the other hand, and it’s major to note that a bug is one thing. A business model which revolves around dipping into, and then using other people’s data, is a alternative one.

Facebook and Google, take note.

Apple has long seen itself as an advocate for privacy and the iPhone is an extension of that. During CES in Las Vegas week ago, Apple took out a building-sized ad which simply mentioned “what happens on your iPhone, stays on your iPhone.”

Unless of course if you were on the receiving close of a Group FaceTime call, of course.


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