China to officially admit video gaming as a profession

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China to officially admit video gaming as a profession

Recently, China had to clamp down on video gaming as the country was faced with a monumental rise in cases of gaming addiction specially among teenagers in the country with an offered 24 million kids affected. The government Additionally blames the country’s widespread myopia on the playing of video games. As a result, couple of measures were taken to stem the tide. The measures seem to have worked as the Chinese government is now allegedly planning to confess video gaming as an formal profession.

This is the latest in a series of moves aimed at reigniting the country’s gaming sector following a nine-month freeze on game approvals. China’s Occupation Skill Testing Authority (OSTA) made this disclosure on January 25 after it introduced a list of new job titles. The job titles cover a variety of fields, from artificial intelligence (AI) to internet of stuff (IoT). Additionally, Cloud computing engineers, huge data analysts, and professional gamers are Furthermore included as job titles. The list was apparently produced as an inner evaluation and will be open for input from the public until January 31.

This is coming on soon when the government commenced approval of fresh video games once again just December last year whenever its nine-month embargo. At unveield, China’s broadcasting regulator has issued four batches of video game licenses in the past month, totalling nearly 260 gaming titles. As claimed by to China’s Occupation Skill Testing Authority (OSTA), prospective professional gamers, Additionally known as e-sports players, will participate in gaming competitions, work as training partners, give information, analysis for the industry, and design fresh games. An additional bundled job title is professional gaming operator, what will involve marketing fresh and current game titles.


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