AnTuTu 7.2.6 will deliver it harder for Manufacturers to Cheat in benchmarks

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AnTuTu has received a brand fresh improved update, version 7.2.6, and the changelog mentions a pretty major point. The fresh version what was released announced today, mentions that it will “fix the problem! of an abnormal operating score of UX caused by malicious exploitation of system permissions by few manufacturers”.

AnTuTu 7.2.6 will deliver it harder for Manufacturers to Cheat in benchmarks

In the past several several years, it has become a trend for manufacturers to boasts about their smartphone’s AnTuTu scores, even at their launch events. This is especially real in smartphone launches in China. Such is the importance that we give to this benchmarking tool.

And in the process, we have often seen manufacturers tweak their phones to score much better than others. OnePlus, Meizu, OPPO, Huawei have all been found cheating on AnTuTu in the past. This isn’t truly surprising given that users always suppose a higher AnTuTu score is synonymous to a faster and a lot more strong phone.

The usual method of cheating on AnTuTu has been to tweak the cameraphones to detect whenever the app is running and unleashing the full power of the Chip without any regard for efficiency, what it usually would, under normal use case scenario.

AnTuTu 7.2.6 improved update doesn’t Quite explain how it would stop such cheating from manufacturers, but if you were worried that you can be fooled, at least have idea that AnTuTu is trying something from their close.

Personally, I believe we really should always take AnTuTu scores for the sake of reference, instead of pitting 2 smartphones with minute differences against each other to hail one as the ultimate winner.

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